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so far...

The end of 2023 brought exciting — from starting a new survival job to working on a reading of a new musical at the York Theatre, it was a wonderful and exciting December to say the least.

Since the new year, Conner has spent time rediscovering herself as an artist. This has led to researching and scavenging new material that best reflects the performer she wants to be. As well as revamping her website, which has not been touched for… well, longer than she cares to admit. Early spring cleaning, if you will.

coming up...

Conner will be collaborating with an old director and friend on a workshop/ reading of Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen.



Got engaged ◡̈

 Easiest "yes" in the whole world! Now to plan a wedding... 

Backpacked all across Europe with aforementioned fiancé.

Explored 10 countries, 13 cities, in the span of six weeks from

March to April.

Here's a shot from Venice— all smiles before the train to Milan was cancelled due to a national strike.

There are worse places to be stuck!

Started a new job with a wonderful company called

Far Fetched Pets.

Got to meet some very cool people and wonderful UWS pups.

Say hello to Bailey!

Traveled to Austin, Texas for a friend's wedding. It was a fiercely cool city and included many of firsts.

For example: In-N-Out.

It was a pretty big deal and quite delicious. 10/10 would recommend.

Barton Springs Pool

2x double doubles & 1x animal style fry
1x large Coke & 1x small black & white shake



Ran her first marathon, hopefully not her last!

Became an aunt to the cutest baby in the land!

Theatre is back! 2020 & 2021 were filled with online readings and zoom shows, but 2022 was her first time back onstage.

Thank goodness for live theatre.

Say hello to miss Eloise!

As Marston in Agatha Christie's
And Then There Were None.

If you made it this far, you deserve a treat!

So here are some unsolicited fun facts about Conner.:

personal 32

The movie Catch Me If You Can inspired her to become an actor— Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks forever.

Her favorite color is a burnt yellow.

Not quite mustard yellow but pretty dang close.


She's pretty superstitious about certain things.

For example: if she sees a penny she will either

a) pick it up if it's on heads or b) flip it over if it's on tails. Always.


Her favorite food is spaghetti bolognese.

"If it’s on the menu, I will be getting it. Every place prepares it differently, and I want to try them all!"

She really wants to be on Survivor but needs to get past the fear of being perceived on national television first.

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