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Conner Hefner

Hi there!

My name is Conner Hefner, and I am an actor, singer, and dog enthusiast.

I'm glad you are here!


I grew up in “The Heart of Georgia," also known as Macon (yes, pronounce it just like bacon, but with an 'M'). I am the second of four kids, and growing up, I tended to follow in the footsteps of my older brother, playing any and every sport I could get my hands on. Somewhere along the way, specifically my junior year of high school, I realized I had an itch that only performing could scratch and somehow found my way to the stage. Theatre and I have since sworn to never leave each other again.

I am a recent (virtual) graduate of Marymount Manhattan College where I earned a BFA in Musical Theatre and a minor in Drama Therapy. My passion for learning and hard work led to a spot on the Dean’s List for the past three years. And yes, I know it says three, but you have to realize one very crucial thing: freshman year math was hard. While at Marymount, I was seen in An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde, Love and Information by Caryl Churchill and numerous directing and playwriting projects down in MMC's Black Box Theatre.

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I ran my first marathon in January 2022!

Recently, due to COVID-19, Marymount Manhattan's MainStage production of An Ideal Husband was cancelled, and yet, the cast prevailed! We buckled down and put on a performance via Zoom. Click below to see the show!

I recently performed, via Zoom, in Marymount Manhattan's Playwriting Projects. I performed as "Woman" in Alaina Messineo's The Wheel. Click below to see the show!

I graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in May of 2020!

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